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Spring 2010


My new book for magicians has been a long time in development. It consists of over 300 pages, 200 illustrations, 16 illusions as well as additional stand-up effects. Many of the routine have already been included in the performances of professional magicians. Included are texts of four lectures, some of which have appeared in print, or in now out-of-print notes.

The response has been wonderful. Here are a few quotes.

"I no longer expect to be floored by a magic book, but this one did just that. As we approach the end of a decade, I consider this the most excitingly revelatory book the 21st century has produced. I have been in magic for a very long time, but I never dreamed such methods existed. They are not only new to me, but are so satisfyingly clever that it is a joy and privilege to read about them. If you possess this book, you will possess secrets that I'd estimate more than 99 percent of magicians don't know."
Steve Bryant, Little Egypt Magic, online

"A marvelous and inspiring book, and an eye opening wonder to read. Anyone who has read Mr. Steinmeyer's previous works already know what a terrific writer, thinker, historian and magician he is. Technique & Understanding reestablishes his position as one of our most important researchers, designers and creators of effective stage magic."
Eric Mead, Genii Magazine

"Anyone with an appreciation for magic history, stagecraft, parlor magic, and one creative mind's singular and audience-tested illusions will be interested... and perhaps even challenged... by what Jim Steinmeyer has to say."
Gabe Fajuri, MAGIC Magazine
Card College

It's an expensive book. It's not intended for magicians with a casual interest in illusions, but I'm proud that many professionals have come to value the secrets inside it. You can order Technique and Understanding by clicking here.


The Conference on Magic History has become one of magic's most prestigious events and a hot ticket for magicians and history buffs around the world. The 11th event, held in November 2009, was no exception. I was proud to work with my fellow organizers, Frankie Glass, Mike Caveney and John Gaughan, to produce the weekend's features. Among the many highlights, we were able to reproduce three obscure "vanishing lady" illusions that have been unseen for many years. I performed David Devant's Beau Brocade, the disappearance of a person while she's wrapped in a cloth, it happens in the middle of the audience! It was last seen in the early 1900s, and we were proud to bring it back to our Conference audience. You can order the program from the event by visiting our online Catalog.

Beau Brocade WomanBeau Brocade Body Bag


Taschen's MagicTaschen's "Magic, 1400-1950" may well be the largest, most opulent, most beautiful magic book ever produced. There's no question that it's the most beautiful and inspiring history book ever published on the subject. I was honored to be asked to write the book; the chapters were divided between my good friend, the author and magician Mike Caveney, and I. Noel Daniel was the editor for Taschen, responsible for selecting the images. Ricky Jay provided the introductions. The book is an expensive one, but you can still buy it for a reasonable price from online sources. Don't hesitate. It's already a collector's item. Here's a link to the book at Amazon.


GiobbiOur success with John Carney's DVD project invited another fascinating challenge. The Swiss author and card expert, Roberto Giobbi, had been debating the process of committing his successful series, Card College, to DVD. With my wife, Frankie Glass, producing and Richard Kaufman as consultant, Roberto came to Los Angeles and did an amazing job of translating this material to video. (The photo shows Roberto and Richard on the set.) I'm not a DVD guy, I'm a book guy. But I recalled how I learned card magic, and had to admit that these Card College discs might be the most remarkable and enlightening way of learning this art. And it's by no means just a "beginner's" project. Roberto has included amazing effects, tips, touches, and advice for even the expert card magician. Do yourself a favor and take a look at this product. You can order the discs here.


My friend Amanda Dehnert directed a perfectly magical updated version of the classic musical, "The Fantastiks" for the Arena stage in Washington, in January 2010. She infused the show with a lot of magic - including a magical prologue which set the scene, and a number of effects which were seamlessly integrated into the story. I was the consultant for the magic.



Director Rob Roth reassembled the original creative team for Networks' new production of Beauty and the Beast, which opened in Providence Rhode Island in February 2010. The production is suitably beautiful, and the special illusions are intact and just as wonderful as ever. It was sixteen years since our original Broadway production, and it was a thrill to be a part of the new and improved "Beauty."


Many people have asked me about my next upcoming book. I'm proud to announce that "The Last Greatest Magician in the World," is my new biography of the renowned American magician, Howard Thurston (1869-1936). It will be published by Tarcher / Penguin in January 2011, and I'm putting the finishing touches on it right now.

I was guest on George Noory's "Coast to Coast" radio show in February 2010; we talked a little bit about magic, but the subject at hand (and of interest to his audience) was Charles Fort, and my biography, "Charles Fort, The Man Who Invented the Supernatural."

Stay tuned and thanks for your interest.
Jim Steinmeyer

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