Conjuring Anthology


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A unique collection of magic for stand-up performers, including card effects, small apparatus, diagrams for illusions and routines for old favorites, complete with patter and presentation. Readers of MAGIC Magazine prized Jim Steinmeyer’s many Conjuring articles between 1992 and 2004. Now they’ve been collected in one volume. The Conjuring Anthology is 526 pages, a full course in magic with 85 separate effects in 75 chapters and 509 illustrations. Included are a number of “modern classics” like Onward and Upward, the new Rising Card routine, Apples and Oranges, mixing and transposing fruit, and The Five Senses, a demonstration of how we’re fooled. Also included are four new effects that did not appear in the Conjuring articles. 

After many years of requests all the Conjuring magic has been assembled in a quality book with a complete table of contents and full index. Hardbound and sewn with fabric binding and foil stamp, 6 x 9 inches. It’s a book you’ll read and use, again and again.



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