Impuzzibilities Series: (5) Treacherous Impuzzibilities



The fifth book in the series offers twelve new effects of self-working (or nearly self-working) magic. This volume includes Wishing and Making It So (a card trick for the telephone), Chicagoism, thiry-Fiveism and Hacer Io Imposible (these three effects derived from the incredible creations of Eddie Joseph), three astonishing card divinations that aren’t possible. The Cowboy Secret is a “hands-off” effect in which the spectator predicts his own selection. You won’t believe that it’s possible. The Zodiac Wheel is a pretty Zodiac display that predicts the spectator’s selection; Elementary! Is a Sherlock Holmes mystery enacted on the stage and predicted in a newspaper headline. The format matches the previous books in the series, with quality printing, binding and paper.



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