Nothing But Mysteries Series (2): Still Nothing But Mystery



The sequel to Nothing But Mystery contains another 11 astonishingly unique, astonishingly simple and apparatus-free effects. Continuing the tradition, some involve absolutely “nothing.” For example, Your Friends in Oz is simply a script, instruction spoken to the audience as they close their eyes and imagine a little scenario. They make choices, they ask certain characters to stay, and certain characters to leave, and you are able to tell them the results of their choices. The Read Letter is a four-line poem. Learn it. And then use it (and absolutely nothing else – not a pencil, not a scrap of paper, not a playing card) to read the minds of three spectators from the audience. You won’t believe the efficiency of this bit of mentalism. Then there’s effects like 3-Part Harmony (a Mental Epic routine with three pieces of cardboard,) and Mrs. Houdini Steps Out, an illusion with one piece of rope. For a finale, the book includes a “take-out menu” that you can photocopy onto paper. The menu’s been specially designed to allow you to predict two different prices. Like the previous “Nothing” effects, you’ll be inspired by these incredible illusions. They’re unexpected and useful secrets. 20 pages, printed in full color, with line illustrations.



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