Nothing But Mystery Series (3): With Nothing But Mystery



The largest and third booklet includes twelve routines of “Minimal Miracles and Disproportionate Marvels for the Stand-Up Conjurer.” The Poem What Reads Your Mind is simply a poem, nine lines that you can learn, that allows you to read the minds of three spectators in the audience, in the fashion of the famous Princess Card Trick. The Tin Can Phone is an example of ancient technology doing the work of a modern mental selection. Standing Up for McDonald is a fascinating version of the McDonald Aces, now applied to a stand-up routine, with new nostalgic patter. The Unthinkable Stack is a stack of cards that identifies the name of a mentally selected card. Imaginary Creatures and A Pretend Magic Show are interactive routines, for the entire audience, which consist only of a script. Each spectator makes a free choice, and finds that you’ve anticipated everyone’s selection. The secrets are diabolical and fun to use; the routines are offbeat and inspiring. The book is 8 ½ x 11, printed in color, 28 pages with line illustrations.



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