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Jim Steinmeyer’s classic book on illusions is an exploration of practical methods and new approaches. It contains some of his most-treasured secrets, including effects that are already being used by professional magicians in their performances—innovative illusions that will become important parts of your arsenal. The book includes four lectures on stage magic, eight stand-up routines with full patter, and sixteen illusions. The contents include: The New Orleans Formula, Nowhere, The Shadow Play Solution, The Fabric Cabinet Solution, The Cocoon Redux, The Unexpcted Illusion, The Travel, The Paranormal Levitation, The Four-Fold Screen and Platform, The Infinity Cabinet, Trouble, Cube-ism, Pandora’s Box, Toccata for Light Bulb & Paper Bag. …And finally, Jim explains new principles in stage magic, ingenious new designs that you might find hard to believe, concealing a person in a three-inch table. To illustrate the technique and further your understanding, the principles are used in two amazing new effects, Long Division and Quantum Mechanics. …It’s a book that will make you think differently about magic, and creatively about illusions. 300 pages, over 200 illustrations, hardbound, with explanations and dimensions of every effect.



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