The Mind and Magic of David Berglas


This is a very special, extremely limited offer of David Berglas’s book, The Mind and Magic of David Berglas. It’s unquestionably one of the most important books  in the field, filled with some of the most useful information published. Since its publication, the book has become one of the most desirable in magic, a collector’s item. We are offering a small handful of “perfect” copies, still in shrink wrap. But please be advised, these books will sell quickly.

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David Berglas’s book, The Mind and Magic of David Berglas, was originally published in 2002. The work of David Berglas with David Britland, I published the book. It instantly became a classic in the field, and the limited copies sold out within months. The book is 566 pages, beautifully bound in satin with gold stamping, and containing the most amazing material from David’s stellar career. With his passing, there has been renewed interest in this book. We had found a box with several pristine copies inside. If you search on the internet, you can find used copies for 650 to 700 dollars. We are able to sell these books for 500 dollars plus shipping. But these books will go very quickly.

The book instantly became a legend. Here are David’s commercial routines like the Magic Square, Newspaper Prediction, Blindfold, ESPacology, and many others. Here is the theory behind the famous Berglas Effect, which led to so many wonderful ACAAN routines. Here are the highlights of his career, explained clearly for readers. It’s one of the most magnificent books in magic, one of the most important books in the field of mentalism, and now, one of the most sought-after books in magic. Buy it as the ultimate gift for a magician or mentalist. Or buy it as a gift for yourself. You won’t have another opportunity like this. But we can’t guarantee availability. There are only a few.

Only one per customer. As this is a collectable book, we cannot sell multiple copies. Note our arrangement with shipping. It’s a big, heavy book. We will ship it priority mail to the US for $33, and that will be added to the price of the order. For that reason, the price will come up, in your cart, as $533 (500 plus 33 for shipping.) However, if we are shipping to another country, we will have to contact you about additional shipping fees. Please order the book, and wait for our e-mail with additional information. We feel this is the best way to make sure the book arrives to you in great condition.

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